Sep 12, 2012

GoDaddy's Outage : Hacking vs DDoS vs Internal Network Router's Corruption

GoDaddy, which is the world's largest domain name register and web hosting provider, as well as the world's largest secure sites hosting provider, were experienced intermittent service outages a day ago. The company’s services, which were down around 10 a.m PDT,  had been fully restored by 4 p.m PDT. 

As claimed by GoDaddy in the company’s CEO statement from Scott Wagner, the services’ outage was not caused by any external sources, including hacking activities or Denial-of-Service-Attack (DDoS). In fact, the service outage was caused by a series of internal network events that corrupted the company’s router data tables.

No Customer Data Is At Risk

As stated in the CEO statement, corrective actions had been taken once the issues were identified, to restore the affected services for GoDaddy company’s website ( ) and also their customers’ websites. Also, the company had implemented measures to prevent the same scenario to be happening again. 

In addition, GoDaddy stressed again that : “At no time was any customer data at risk or were any of our systems compromised.

Anonymous Own3r : Source Code and Database Leaked

Contrarily to the GoDaddy CEO Statement, a Twitter account named Anonymous Own3r continually to claim the attacks on, as well as their services by a tweet: “Go daddy souce code and database leaked by @AnonymousOwn3r".

However, GoDaddy keeps their notice status on the top of the company’s website as : “ Yesterday, and associated customer services experienced intermittent service outages. At no time was any sensitive customer information, such as credit card data, passwords or names and address, compromised.” 

Based on the status of the GoDaddy's update, we assumed that the company does not acknowledge the hacking attacks' claim.    

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